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Medical Cameras

We believe that smart medical imaging technology can provide greater insight into the health of a person and enable better diagnostics and more effective treatment. An intelligent imaging platform can augment and enhance the efficiency of human care providers and enable the delivery of high quality care remotely as well as in person.


Our light field imaging technology platform is the foundation for our approach. Light field imaging has been used to enable re-focusable images, extended depth of field photography and volumetric microscopy. A light field camera captures both spatial and angular information of the scene in a snapshot, instead of a purely spatial view captured by a traditional camera. A further expansion of capability comes from inserting a multi-spectral filter array in the aperture of the main lens, so that various spectral bands of interest can be captured simultaneously. The complex mixture of multi-spectral, angular and spatial data captured by the image sensor is further processed to finally enable single snapshot three dimensional and multi-spectral imaging.


We are developing light field cameras for various types of medical applications, including ear, eye and skin imaging. Our initial focus has been on ear imaging using light field based prototypes of the otoscope.