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CUPERTINO, Calif., October 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Ricoh Innovations Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Limited, today announced it will showcase its new event-driven monitoring solution, WorkPlace Solutions, at the Industrial IoT Conference in Atlanta, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2019. WorkPlace Solutions uses on-demand compute to transform video into actionable data, alerting personnel using real-time event triggers.


WorkPlace Solutions targets industrial facilities and smart buildings to increase productivity, security, safety and usage in their operations. The platform provides actionable visual data linked to monitoring results, enabling customers to have a complete, multifaceted, real-time view of any area or process. WorkPlace Solutions improves facility performance by sending notifications to personnel in real-time so that action can be taken quickly, reducing potential disasters or loss of productivity. The company can also partner with other IoT platforms to create end-to-end applications for customers.


“WorkPlace Solutions uses IoT and sensors in a platform we call Monitoring of Things™, stated Mr. Toshinori Arita, CEO of Ricoh Innovations. “Its real power lies in its advanced, cognitive computing technologies which transform video into data, dynamically blending sensory data and video.”


Mr. Arita continued, “WorkPlace Solutions originates from the Monitoring of Things™ AI-based technology, which allows more human-like decision making. Due to the machine learning salient algorithms, which we developed and patented, video-based triggers are created with significantly less learning data than standard machine-learning processes.”


The sensor or video-based triggers using machine learning salient algorithms result in on-demand compute, where video is transformed to data and actionable data and video evidence is generated. Generally, WorkPlace Solutions consumes only a fraction of network bandwidth typically found in other video/camera-based solutions.


Ricoh Innovations will demonstrate WorkPlace Solutions at the Atlanta IIoT exposition in booth #501. It will showcase one of its many safety applications with sensors that are able to detect an object using 3D infrared technology to tell whether or not an operator is present when a machine is on. The company is still in Beta testing and will officially launch the product in February of 2020.  Learn more about Ricoh Innovations WorkPlace Solutions at



For more information, please contact:

Harry Raftopoulos

Director of Business Development

Phone: (408) 725-9624


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