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Ocutag Visual Search Platform

The Media market is the first market addressed by Ricoh’s Ocutag platform. Ocutag is a high-performance, large-scale mobile visual search platform which also includes a mobile app called Ocutag Snap.

When powered by the Ocutag platform, mobile apps connect users with a variety of related digital media through the simple capture of an image, for easy access to customized multimedia content and other services. The Ocutag platform improves media companies’ ability to engage their customers by presenting targeted, highly customizable, actionable information. Any image, including those on TV screens, posters, magazines, catalogs and product packaging, can connect users to digital marketing content such as text, video, purchase options and access to social networks.

The Ocutag mobile visual search platform provides developers with open APIs and online services to enable and support the integration of visual search into mobile apps. It uses the unique and proprietary Ricoh Visual Search technology (over one hundred worldwide patents granted or pending) to deliver industry-leading performance with fast response times and high accuracy, while supporting large databases to satisfy the most demanding of applications. Also provided is access to comprehensive, easy-to-use tools for developers and content experts, as well as rich analytics and extensive support.

Powered by Ricoh's Ocutag mobile visual search platform, the Ocutag Snap app uses Ricoh Visual Search technology to enable readers to take photos of popular publications with their smartphones to access multimedia digital content. Using Ocutag Snap, media companies can link custom multimedia content to their publications, bridging the physical with the digital.

This provides consumers with a complete multimedia experience by simply taking smartphone photos of images and articles. Any image, including those in magazines, newspapers and posters, can connect users to digital content such as text, video, purchase options and social networks. Images that can be snapped by a smartphone camera to access this content are marked with the Ocutag Snap icon.


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