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Senior DevOps Engineer

E-mail: Sr. DevOps Engineer

Position description:

At Ricoh Innovations, we specialize in building B2B applications in the areas of 360 Virtual Tours and Monitoring of Things. We develop technology to build 3D models from images and computer vision systems that drive competitive features in our products. You will be expected to bring your vision, dedication, and knowledge to build extraordinary applications. Our current server architecture leverages Typescript, Python, and GraphQL with a serverless backend running on AWS using AppSync, Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, CloudFormation, and S3. Our development team is small, nimble and aren’t afraid to try new technologies; we are a slack/github/zoom/agile organization.



As a Senior DevOps Engineer you will be involved in day to day development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of our suite of serverless applications. You will take our current testing and staging environments on AWS and create a resilient production environment. You will help make decisions for the team regarding new technologies, development process and architecture.)



• Deep knowledge of AWS services, particularly AppSync, Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, CloudFormation, and S3

• Thorough understanding of IAM and VPC

• Ability to spot security and resiliency weaknesses in an existing CloudFormation setup

• Expert TypeScript and Python

• Experience with CircleCI and GitHub best practices, and Jest

• Experience with GraphQL schema design

• Ability to lead technical architecture discussions and help drive technical decisions

• Ability to write understandable, testable code with an eye towards maintainability

• A strong communicator. Ability to explain complex technical concepts to designers, support, and other engineers easily

• Ability to demonstrate engineering leadership

• Experience working on a product in a Web/iOS/Android ecosystem


About Ricoh Innovations Corporation (RIC)

Ricoh Innovations is an open innovation and incubation subsidiary of Ricoh Company Limited. We collaborate with business partners, startups, universities, and research laboratories to build, invest, and grow innovative technologies and new business opportunities globally.   Ricoh Innovations designs and delivers easy-to-use, technology-differentiated solutions that empower digital workplaces.   

We are headquartered in Cupertino, California, but our dynamic and diverse team of world-class technology, user experience, and business professionals span across Silicon Valley, Japan, and India.  

Ricoh Innovations Corporation is an equal opportunity employer.   We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, disability or veteran status.