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Senior iOS developer

E-mail: Senior iOS Developer

Position description:

Design and develop software for new business projects. Design and develop features as requested for Ricoh360 .biz projects.



  • Will be responsible for handling 360 media as well as other media forms on iOS. Will be mentoring more junior software developers and leading the iOS projects. Expected to contribute to higher level project ideas, features, goals, etc. Will be required to create specifications as needed. Interfacing with groups or individuals in other subsidiaries or partners as needed around the world.
  • Qualifications/skills required:
  • •  Expert in Objective-C and Swift
  • •  Has experience with synchronization with server and/or peer-to-peer communications
  • •  RESTful/JSON
  • •  Working knowledge of C language
  • •  Has built and published one or more apps
  • •  Is able to hand code UI screens or use interface builder
  • •  Having experience with cross-platforms (Android/Windows/Mac) is a big bonus
  • •  Is well versed in using git and github
  • •  Good working knowledge of SQL and databases
  • •  Experience with video streaming, graphics, GPUs, etc, are very helpful
  • •  Worked in an agile environment
  • •  Working onsite is required


Ricoh Innovations is an open innovation and incubation subsidiary of Ricoh Company Limited. We collaborate with business partners, startups, universities, and research laboratories to build, invest, and grow innovative technologies and new business opportunities globally.   Ricoh Innovations designs and delivers easy-to-use, technology-differentiated Smart Vision solutions that empower digital workplaces.   We are headquartered in Cupertino, California, but our dynamic and diverse team of world-class technology, user experience, and business professionals span across Silicon Valley, Japan, and India.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender or national origin.