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  • September 4, 2019

    Our previous post highlighted how Ricoh has evolved IoT to include a sensor to become Monitoring of Things™ (MoT). The sensor capability allows the monitoring of actions within a defined area or process, and has endless applications in the real world.

    If you’re picturing just another surveillance system, think again.

    Ricoh Innovations has developed an edge-based, real-time, event-driven platform for IOT to drive the future of smarter facilities.

    Ricoh Innovations calls this ecosystem WorkPlace Solutions, a monitoring and analytics platform based on MoT human-like...

  • August 17, 2019

    What is Monitoring of Things?

    Monitoring is defined as “The observance and checking of the progress or quality of something over a period of time; keeping under systematic review”. In today’s high-speed, digital IoT environment, one should ask if monitoring, in its traditional sense, is enough. How are we leveraging the connectivity of all these physical devices? What are we doing with all the data? Can we take advantage of the billions of deployed sensors and cutting-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence? Yes, we can.