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Operator Presence

  • October 21, 2019


    Knock, knock. Who’s there? (Maybe you know. Maybe you don’t.)

    Sometimes it’s critical to know who’s there and who isn’t. Like in the case of a machine that’s been left on with no one attending it. As a factory supervisor, this is something you want to know. In any factory environment, there are machines that, if left on and unattended, can cause serious liability for the company because they can injure other workers who are unaware or set off a chain reaction and damage multiple pieces of equipment.

    But how do you tell when a machine is on and an operator is absent? Ricoh WorkPlace Solutions solves this problem by being able to detect and monitor when a machine is running and whether an operator is present or not.

    Using virtual fencing and video triggers based on salient events (an event that occurs outside the norm), WorkPlace Solutions provides notifications and visual evidence upon operator absence. In doing so, WorkPlace Solutions transforms video and virtual events into actionable data that a supervisor can act on immediately to prevent a serious situation with either machine malfunction or operation without supervision. The sensors and software provide multiple inputs allowing more human-like decisions.

    Current applications on the market are far less robust because they can only tell if a machine is on or off by putting a sensor on the machine. Our option is contactless, which means nothing has to touch your equipment to monitor its status.

    Once the system detects a machine that is on but not staffed, it sends an alert to a supervisor, through computer, tablet or smart phone, to let them know immediately that the situation has become critical so they can take action. The report also lets the supervisor know how long the operator has been away.

    Don’t play the “knock-knock” game. Find out if your equipment is on and being properly staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Ricoh WorkPlace Solutions.

    Call us to find out more (650) 496-5715 or visit us at