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Nobody Wants to be a Tool

  • September 20, 2019


    High productivity is key to your successful business operations, and is affected by a number of factors. One of the main reasons for decreased productivity is related to tool usage; specifically, the loss or misplacement of specialty tools, an inadequate tool supply and lack of tool training.

    Lost Tools

    Operators use a variety of tools to complete their daily assignments. In many cases these tools are expensive, specialized, and not easily replaced without significant cost and effort.

    In case of a lost or misplaced tool, WorkPlace Solutions can provide visual evidence to indicate the last user of the tool, who can then be asked to return the tool to its original work station.

    Tool Supply

    Not having enough tools to keep up with current needs can really hurt your bottom line—extending manufacturing time, creating bottlenecks, and causing quality control issues.

    WorkPlace Solutions can provide a record of usage per tool for each step of the process, allowing managers to see where tool supply is inadequate.

    Tool Training and Replacement

    WorkPlace Solutions’ visual evidence provides the ability to see which tools are not being used properly or not performing as expected. This allows managers the opportunity to train employees who need it, replace tools that are beyond their useful life and upgrade tools where it makes sense to increase productivity.

    Contact us and see how Ricoh’s WorkPlace Solutions can be the smartest working tool in your toolbox!